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Erika Harrsch

About me (click to read)

Discipline: Painting, Multimedia

Studio: #405

Lives: New York City

Email: harrscherika at


Born in Mexico City, has lived and worked in Mexico, Italy, Germany and New York.

Strengthened by her professional practice as a painter, Harrsch has expanded her interests to acquire a variety of disciplines associated with the production of process-oriented art. Her image-making tools now include video, photography and a kind of scenario building based on elements in artificial and natural environments, which find expression in the form of installations and three-dimensional photographic works.

The treatment of the body as the most direct media of expression and exteriorization of our own histories and relations has been for Erika Harrsch the central theme on her work. Presenting intimate aspects, inviting, seducing and turning us, suddenly, into unprepared voyeurs, evidencing a close relation between nature-psychology and sublimity.

Her work has been the subject of solo exhibitions, group shows at galleries and museums, including festivals and Art biennials in Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Belgium, Korea, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Spain and London. Her work is also included in the collections of Museums in Mexico, Belgium and the United States. Most recently, Harrsch has participated in different solo exhibitions such as at the Musee de la Photographie a Charleroi, Bélgium with her outstanding video-installation “Eros -Thanatos”, this piece was also showcased at the Seoul Museum of Art, Korea,for the 5th Seoul International Media Art Biennale 2008″ and at Diverseworks for the Fotofest Biennial in Houston, TX. Further recent solo exhibitions at GEgallery, Monterrey, Mexico for “Alter-eros”, in Sao Paolo Brazil, at Galeria Leme, for “Object of Desire”.

Harrsch has taken part in multimedia festivals and residencies such as: The Live Whitney series at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY in collaboration with Visionintoart multidisciplinary ensemble and chellist Jeff Zeigler from Kronos Quartet; , The SoundRes in Lecce Italy where I performed in collaboration with artists, musicians and composers from VisionIntoart, Bang on a Can, Meredith Monk, Kronos Quartet and Philip Glass.

She was commissioned by the world wide acclaimed composer -musician Philip Glass and prestigious cellist Wendy Sutter to create the art work for the cover and design for their most recent recorded album, “Songs and Poems”.

Her work has also been shown in the feature film “Only God Knows” by Mexican director and Oscar Academy award nominee, Carlos Bolado with Actor Diego Luna. Her artwork and photographs were included as crucial conceptual elements in the film story board. As part of the breadth of her work, Erika performed and designed the set and costumes for the piece “Violens” presented by Visionintoart at the Coil Festival at Performance Space PS122 in New York City.

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