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Jody MacDonald

About me (click to read)

Discipline: Mix Media

Studio: #249

Lives: Long Island City, NY

Email: at


Jody attended the bealart program in London, ON, Canada (1986-89) where she majored in textiles and printmaking. Continuing her studies in Vancouver, BC, Canada she focused on sculpture, performance, and installation, graduating with a diploma in Studio (Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, 1996), and a BFA in Visual Arts (Emily Carr University, 2011).

Currently an object maker, Jody’s art practice is an exploration of identity, stereotype, social power dynamics, consumption, and the concept of “genuine” vs. “imitation”. Her work is characterized by dark humor, multiples, and an obsessive attention to detail.

Jody has exhibited her meticulously crafted textile-based sculptures in galleries and artist-run centers across Canada in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Her works-on-paper and sculptures have been collected by patrons and belong in private collections throughout Ontario and British Columbia.

In July of 2014, Jody moved her practice from Vancouver, BC, to Long Island City, NY and is pleased to be creating in her new space at Reis Studios.

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