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Marjorie Van Cura

About me (click to read)

Discipline: Painter

Studio: #239

Lives: New York City

Email: marjorie at


Marjorie Van Cura was born in Madison, Wisconsin, and grew up in central Massachusetts. She received her BFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She has had additional studies at the Worcester Art Museum and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Marjorie’s newest painting explorations are incited by the Terrible Beauty of natural disasters.  News photography of a Superstorm aftermath provides a basis for her blind contour drawings and remembered imagery of these devastated, post-destruction landscapes.  Her mixed-media paintings include graphite, permanent marker, pin holes, oil and ink on either rag paper or clear polyester film.

Earlier work by the artist combines graphic, Op-art aesthetics with invented hybrid creatures, or Chimeras, that contain human-animal-mechanical parts.  These hybrids were inspired by the artist’s interest in science, including the structure, mapping and reconfiguration of genetic code.  Other non-biological structures of interest include the hubs of the Internet, socio-political systems and the phenomenon of war and climate change.

The imagery for Marjorie’s work is process-based, often the result of hand-tracing her own drawings repeatedly or using a blind contour drawing technique. Optical color relationships and overlapping layers of shape and calligraphic line often create a visually intense, visceral experience. Marjorie Van Cura’s work has been selected for exhibition by many distinguished jurors, gallerists and independent curators in the New York area.  Group shows since 2009 include Calico Brooklyn, The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Dutch Kills Gallery, Factory Fresh, the New York Center for Art & Media, Spacewomb Gallery and Storefront Bushwick. Recent solo exhibitions were in Brooklyn at Kill Devil Hill Boutique (June 16-30, 2010) and Yes! Gallery (November 18-December 10, 2010).  Her portfolio is online at

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