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Phoebe Hawkins

About me (click to read)

Discipline: Painting

Studio: #224

Lives: New York City

Email: p.hawkins at

Artists Statement: I consider myself to be a contemporary painter who embraces the past. In the vein of Vermeer and Richard Diebenkorn, I construct genre scenes of modern life. My aim is to capture the individuality of a person — their beauty, their expressiveness — and enclose them in a realistic but painterly environment. These environments reflect the figure’s personnality and circumstances and create a unity with the figure. They are not mere backgrounds. I also love to paint landscapes and city scapes en plein air and spend several months every year painting outside. The immediacy of painting what I see on the spot keeps me experimental with paint and helps me stay adventurous as I try to record the light and scene “just right.” As a representative painter, I spend a lot of time with technical details. However, the more I paint the more I feel I am really trying to convey an experience — the experience of contemplating a unique human being with their foibles and nobility and excentric corporeality. Or the experience of standing on a street, immobile as city life races by, contemplating the transience of each day as the sun moves across the sky.

Art Education: Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C. Drawing the Figure, Hayes Friedman, January 1996-August 1996 Art Students League, New York, N.Y. Painting, Ken McIndoe, 1998-1999; Painting, Greg Kreutz, 1999-2000; Painting, Peter Cox, 2001-2002 Caravaggio Studio, Inc., New York, N.Y. Painting, Peter Cox, 2003-2004 Undergraduate Education: Brown University, Providence, R.I. B.A., History, May 1985; 24 credits in Studio Art Winner of the Minnie Helen Hicks Award for Studio Art in May 1984. Experience: Artist since 1995. Art Teacher: Taught art at PS 87 elementary school in Manhattan as a volunteer. 2000 – 2005

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