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Tony Sargent

About me (click to read)

Discipline: Painting

Studio: #251

Lives: New York City

Email: antonsargent at

Of Armenian descent, Tony Sargent was raised internationally. Born in Kenya and moving north to Switzerland and then to Norway, he started drawing and painting at a young age. Inspired by his multicultural surroundings, his art teachers always provided him with extra-curricular opportunities, recognizing in him a talent beyond his years. With an early focus on photo-realistic drawing he honed a keen eye for light, shadows and the interplay of colors with each other. Raised in the intense light equatorial light of Kenya with its rich red clay earth and green savannahs, primary colors have found a way into his work.  For him color is light energy and it’s interplay a representation of the essence and intersection of the force of life.

Primarily working now as a painter in acrylics on stretched canvasses ranging from 18″ x 24″ to 36″ x 48″ and growing, his work is inspired by abstract expressionism and infused with emotion. Whether peaceful or intense, a sense of energy abounds and in many pieces the theme of motion and water are represented through his choice of color and the layering of paints. In his “Shadow Series” he explored the play of light and dark in our lives – the concept of the Shadow – that where light exists so does the shadow.

Tony has exhibited at Reiss Studios and Chelsea Eye in New York.  His artwork has been chosen to accentuate home decor in New York luxury properties and it has also appeared on the HGTV reality series “Selling New York”. His private clients from New York to Malibu, appreciate his advanced use of color and how he seems to capture life’s energy and emotions in all of his paintings.

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