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S U Z I E V A L E N K O Re-Inventions Collages and Paintings

Posted by on Mar 22, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

FIRST STREET GALLERY is pleased to present Re-Inventions, an exhibition of mixed media collages and paintings by Suzi Evalenko. This is the artist’s seventh solo exhibition at FIRST STREET. The works in this show depart from Evalenko’s long practice of developing bodies of work in thematic series.  In her own words: “For the past three years, I have been on an exploration, approaching image-making in a thoroughly unfamiliar way.  This has been a fascinating challenge, driven almost entirely by instinctual choices, without a roadmap.” The genesis of these new works lies in past inventions, pieces cut from previously made paintings on paper or canvas.  Stripped of their original emotional content...


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MONDU WINTER EXHIBITION: BROOME STREET GALLERY DECEMBER 17TH – DECEMBER 21ST Please join us for the opening reception of MONDU, Thursday, December 17th from 6 -9pm at Broome Street Gallery located at 345 Broome Street in NYC. This exhibition will showcase both original paintings and limited edition prints depicting the unseen world through the scientific understanding of the creation of things. Creating images not of the empirical world seen through the eyes, ears, and senses, but rather images that reflect an unseen world, a sub particle world. MONDU bases his inquiry on the invisible world of space-time, dark matter, and energy. He channels the life force of the greater universe into every gesture to...

Site:Brooklyn Presents Suran Song, Radical Tenderness

Posted by on Sep 18, 2015 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Site:Brooklyn Presents Suran Song, Radical TendernessWed. 10/21 – Sat. 11/21 Co-curated by Denise Amses + Kimberly Marerro 165 7th Street, Gowanus, Brooklyn Open Tuesday – Friday 1-6 and weekends by appointment. This is the artist’s the first solo show with Site:Brooklyn, a contemporary art space dedicated to exhibiting the current practice of contemporary artists. The exhibit includes three large scale mandalic flower photographs depicting a sequence of yogic mudras (yoga for the hands), fifteen photographs of ayurvedic flower stamens in 4-point rotational symmetry, four sequences of medicinal mandalic prints on vertical floor to ceiling silk banners, and immersive mandala light projections. Additionally, a series of public, interactive art and yogic events lead by the artist! Share...

Constance Slaughter RUNNING OUT OF THREAD

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Wed, Jul 1, 20156:00pm  Sun, Jul 12, 20156:00pm Running Out of Thread is Constance Slaughter’s first solo show in New York. Constance’s work is both playful and dark. Her light suspended sculptures, made from wire and semi-transparent fabric, hover and sway. The child-animal-toy figures are the characters of our half-remembered childhood games, songs and stories. She invited the choreographer and artist Felix Aarts to create a dance performance around the theme of memory. Shadows on the Mind will be performed by the dancer Sarah Rodak, on a score extracted from Mozart’s first opera, Bastien und Bastienne. Constance was born in France and educated in the UK. She earned an MFA from the Pratt Institute...