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Posted by on October 26, 2012 12:50 pm in Uncategorized

Announcing the new Reis Studios website


It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the new October 2012 version of the Reis Studios website. It has been completely redesigned from our first principles of An international Community of Established and Emerging Artists that is Reis Studios since 2002 when we first started to an easy to use space that will greatly benefit all of us.

For the last 10 years, we expanded from 5 to 200 working artists that has proven to be a powerful community and resource to many curators, art galleries, educators, countless art collectors and friends in New York and around the world. For that, we have re-invisioned as an organic global and inclusive platform for all art lovers. By utilizing cutting edge technology, we have been able to create an exciting website that will be continuously reaching out for the best information available and yet allowing it to expand and grow to fit the needs of this growing global art environment. In brief, the new presents several interactive tools for curators to view the work of our artists, for artists to express their ideas and a complete calendar presenting the main art spaces in LIC and already expanding to the greater NYC and around the world. The possibilities are infinite but we cannot make it happen without your participation. Please familiarize yourself with the new site and together we will share ideas to make it even stronger.

For now, I wanted to take a few moments to introduce several of’s resources, and also look ahead to some wonderful new resources we will be launching in the weeks ahead.

LIC’s Art Events Calendar

We’ve created what we think will become New York’s and the the world’s go-to resource for art events in our wonderful neighborhood of Long Island City (LIC). If you look over to the right hand side of this blog post, you’ll see a calendar with a summary of the art events happening in LIC in the week ahead. Go ahead and roll your mouse over the various events: you’ll see a short description of each of the events pop up. If you’re interested in any of the events, simply click and you’ll be taken to a dedicated web page for that event, complete with dates, times, descriptions and even a live Google Map to the venue.

As of today, we have all current and future events for six of the leading art spaces in LIC. We’ll be expanding our Art Events Calendar to include every art event that we can find.

I’d also like to offer an open invitation to our artists, and all our colleagues and friends in the art world to send us your events! Everyone is welcome to our community art events resource. To submit an event, simply fill in the form in our dedicated calendar page, or email your detailed list to

Before I finish writing about this wonderful new resource, I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you know about some other features of our Art Events Calendar

Add to Calendar

Simply click on the “Add to Calendar” or “Add to Google Calendar” for the event of your choice to be instantly added to your own private calendar app. All contact details, map, etc will be included.

If you use Google Calendar (and especially if you use an Android smartphone), use the Add to Google button. Its instant, safe and secure.

If you use an Apple calendar, or Outlook, or any other kind of online calendar, use the “Add to Calendar” button. In most cases you’ll automatically download a small file that, when you double-click it, will add the event to your preferred calendar app.


Want to see only the events for only one venue?

Click on the Categories button and you’ll be able to easily filter out all events except for the single venue/gallery that you select in this menu. Simply remove the category to return to a full listing.

Print a calendar

To print any calendar view (this week, next week, next month — whatever period you want) simply click the print icon, and you’ll see a nicely formatted web page that will print cleanly.

Many other features

Our Art Events Calendar has a ton of other features, including one button sharing to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or LinkedIn; a one button “email this event” feature; and even a subscription service, so that updates to our calendar automatically appear in your calendar!

Over coming weeks, you’ll see both the depth of information and the geographical reach of the calendar expand. We hope that you’ll love the Art Events Calendar as much as we do.

Art in NYC Listings

One of the most important roles that we at Reis Studios play in the working lives of our artists is to help them with advice and information they sometimes need to be able to excel in their work and develop their careers.

In the new website we’ve built the beginnings of what we hope will be a valuable community resource: we call it Art in NYC which will soon expand to other cities in the world such as Berlin, London, Miami, Beijing etc.

Our Art in NYC resource currently includes up-to-date links to key suppliers of goods and services to artists in LIC. Every link has been curated by the Reis Studios management team and me. We’re providing information and one click links to vendors in diverse fields, such as art galleries in LIC, art institutions and organizations, art supplies, financial and in-kind grants for artists, free legal services and discounted insurance for artists, photographers and videographers who are ready to document our artists’ work, artist-in-residencies in New York, and shipping & packing services for artworks.


This new feature will allow every artist to easily upload their information to the site and soon be able to include video interviews, blog posts, announcements and much more.

Curator’s page

Here any curator in the world can quickly see a summary of all works in one page select and save it for future projects and/or schedule a visit to see the artist in person at their working studio. Curators can also apply to exhibit their project in one of our two spaces, ArtPlusLIC or The Experimental Space.  Please read more about these spaces in our new site.


Here you will be able to apply to several resources available at Reis Studios including curatorial, art talk and exhibitions opportunities and much more yet to come.

Thank you very much for your time and happy surfing.

Juvenal Reis
Reis Studios
43-01 22nd Street, Long Island City, NY 11101