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Please join us for the opening reception of MONDU, Thursday, December 17th from 6 -9pm at

Broome Street Gallery located at 345 Broome Street in NYC. This exhibition will showcase both original paintings and limited edition prints depicting the unseen world through the scientific understanding of the creation of things.

Creating images not of the empirical world seen through the eyes, ears, and senses, but rather images that reflect an unseen world, a sub particle world. MONDU bases his inquiry on the invisible world of space-time, dark matter, and energy. He channels the life force of the greater universe into every gesture to create a harmonious living microcosm that transports the viewer

Into a different state of consciousness.

“The development of a picture is always the expression of an impulse, a force of and from nature, a fusion of natural law and spontaneous energy communicated through paint. At once both dizzying and calming, a picture reflects the dialectical tension between a wave and a particle.

Like a symphony orchestra where the musicians work in unison, the material world also exhibits a level of harmony lending to organized images of chaos. “ -MONDU

In his most recent work, Hohlraum Pāhoehoe De Rerum Natura by Titus Lucretius Carus, using volcanic matter, both reductive and additive gesture, MONDU explores the collision of two particles inside the Hadron Collider located in Cern, Switzerland. These paintings of multidimensional surface embody a reflective nature of beauty and destruction, bringing to mind the

force of a combusting volcano, both ruinous and life giving.

“All of nature can and will be explained scientifically without reliance on the concept of a Supreme Being or deity.” – -On the Nature of Things, written zero AD/BC

Even if this concept is a figment of reality in the meme of our human zeitgeist, everyone can relate on a visceral and primitive level to the power and force of nature. And everyone is a subject to time, subjected to time, and eventually must submit to time.

Opening Reception:

Thursday, December 17th

6 -9 pm

FREE & open to the public

Gallery Hours:

Thursday, December 17th

Open to the Public: 3pm

Friday, December 18th – Monday, December 21st

11 – 7pm


Broome Street Gallery

345 Broome Street

New York, NY 10013


+1 347 669 1066